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Using Network Capacity to the Fullest

You as a rail infrastructure operator are faced with the major challenge of meeting growing requirements for passenger and goods transport using the capacity of your existing infrastructure.
One central feature of the planning, dispatching and control cycle involves optimizing timetable design. High levels of efficiency, reliability and flexibility are needed and demands will continue to grow in future.

NeTS - Designing, Managing and Applying For Train Paths

  • Comprehensive track design for annual planning, ad-hoc requests and short-term planning
  • Integrated route and station planning
  • Highest quality and productivity using practical design functionality
  • High levels of planning accuracy with precise, day-to-day planning functions
  • Shared database for all planning sites
  • Complete integration of track management and applications
  • Planning and management of route and track closures
  • Impact assessment for current plans
  • Support for developing measures
  • Complete integration of train path design and applications
  • Comprehensive application process for rail transport companies, infrastructure operators and contracting authorities
  • Transparent processing of applications
  • Compliance with national and international deadlines
  • Complete integration of train path design and management

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