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Netcetera's good reputation... based on its track record. Netcetera's implementations are highly esteemed with regard to security, reliability and stability.


"The centerpiece of the experiment is the spectrometer that records colors in hundreds of spectral channels."
Michael Schaepman, Remote Sensing Laboratories, University of Zürich and APEX Project Manager


Migros comprehensive iPhone app M-Go integrates six interfaces into Migros’ core systems. “With M-Go we fulfill the need of our customers who expressed their desire for an online shopping planner on various platforms.”
Sandra Marino, Project Manager Customer and Web Intelligence, Migros.


"The event and fault management system ESISplus guides our operators in the control center through automated processes. It informs all staff on current happenings in the power distribution grid and allows to respond within seconds. With Netcetera we found a partner who completely understood the complex requirements. Their agile methodology allowed to present the project progress as executable, growing software solution. Our employees' suggestions for improvement were always directly incorporated. This created great confidence during development and we are completely satisfied with the result."
Dr. Lukas Küng, Deputy Director, Power Grid Distribution, ewz


"Netcetera is Switzerland’s uncontested market leader for mobile banking solutions."
Thomas Brenzikofer, in swiss made software - the book vol. 3


“Netcetera’s agile deployment of deep expertise has been critical in delivering this demanding Knowledge Engine for Health during a period of rapid health system reform. We value Netcetera’s willingness to partner with us and challenge us, while adapting very flexibly to our specific needs and reliably delivering solutions that do not compromise on quality.”
Dr. Philipp Vetter, Director of Strategy at the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.

Payment Systems

"The Netcetera employees had high levels of technical expertise and applied the necessary quality standards."
Robert Scherrer, Development Manager, SIX Card Solutions

Publishing Houses

"Netcetera understood the needs of our online customers and ideally implemented our ideas and content concept technically."
Regula Meili, Leiterin Online Marketing, NZZ


“NeTS was created by a genuine development partnership, where each partner brought in his specific competency. Netcetera convinced with it’s flexibility to efficiently implement our ambitious requirements.”
Andreas Gutweniger, Project Manager SBB