Physician Portal

Digital communication with doctors

With us, you accompany your referring physicians digitally - the Physician Portal supports communication with doctors via a secure channel. This enables you to provide your most important business partners with a digital service for fast, secure, and modern communication.

Physicians can use the Physician Portal to view their own patients, their cases, and appointments at the hospital, request appointments in connection with a referral, or create other orders to the hospital.

This results in less coordination effort for both parties and errors can be reduced.

Your benefits

Digital and fast access for your referring physicians to the needs of their patients

Seamless communication between referring doctors and hospital

Direct integration with internal applications

 Less manual work and increased efficiency

The module offers secure and process-controlled sending of notifications, discharge letters, and documents. Your patients' data is transmitted in encrypted form. The solution can be used either as a SaaS offering or installed as an on-premise variant.

The use of modern technology enables the integration of your own applications and simple presentation on a wide range of output devices.

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