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INFOSEC delivers high-quality security services for every stage of your project lifecycle, helping create robust systems that prevent asset exposure, data theft and business losses.

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INFOSEC development services

Requirements Engineering

We work with you and your development team to determine the security needs that are in line with your business goals.

Security Architecture and Design

Defining security controls that fit your architecture and meet your security requirements. Assisting your development team with the low level design of the controls.


This service builds on our requirements engineering, architecture and design capabilities. On your request, we help your developers implement the controls defined in the previous phase.


Robust training for your development teams towards meeting your security goals, while also helping you build consensus between multiple project stakeholders.

INFOSEC verification services

Code and Documentation Review

Examining your implemented project for security compliance, reporting on how well your teams have met the security goals dictated by your business and are applicable to the industry security standards.

Vulnerability Analysis

Traversing your system laterally to identify potential vulnerabilities in each security layer. This results in a comprehensive report assessing weak points and offering recommendations to strengthen your system.

Penetration Testing

Subjecting your system to simulated attacks, with the goal of identifying vulnerabilities that can lead to asset exposure. Our report includes test execution details, evidence and description of the vulnerabilities that led to asset exposure, as well as recommendations to strengthen your system.

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Pece Miloshev

Head of Information Security