Innovation is not the technology, but the people who create it.

Innovation hangout is focused on our customers and partners and could hopefully include presentations of joint innovation efforts.
Our hangouts are culturally diverse, drawing attendees from across the globe and many industries. The goal of these series of events is to bring innovation closer, initiate joint collaboration, and share information about technical achievements.
Netcetera proudly hosts the Innovation hangout for our community to come together to share, inspire, be inspired, and network.

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We offer innovation practitioners the opportunity to meet their peers and share successes, setbacks, and learnings. We make sure participants are feeling energized and armed with insights, as well as with new, long-lasting connections to fellow innovation practitioners.


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The Future of Genetic Disorder Diagnosis – From Idea to Implementation


We believe that people want to know they work for a company that allows them to have ideas and take them forward. Netcetera has various innovation activities, streams, incubation efforts, and idea generation opportunities. We know that there is a huge potential in sharing ideas and experiences with customers and partners in different business domains and technical fields.

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Aleksandar Nikov
Head of Innovation, Netcetera

Some of our innovative projects

Join us in the effort to empower actions towards sustainable environmental development.

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