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A 20-year success story

Finance & insurance

What started in the early days as completely new web concepts for financial service providers, has become our most important customer segment: banks and insurance companies.

Today, we offer substantial expertise in combination with superb technological competence. We are also especially proficient at maintaining the high standards of security, compliance, and stability required in the industry.

This industry is ready for innovative services used at the point of direct contact with customers. Our omni-channel, multi-device, front end solutions feature an outstanding customer experience. At the same time, we are careful to reuse as many existing components as possible to the benefit of our customers.


Financial service providers and Netcetera: A 20 year success story

We are very proud of the fact that a majority of Swiss banking institutions now offer our mobile banking services to their customers.

Talk to our expert for this industry:

Marcel Steinmann

Head of Sales Financial Technology

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