Conversational Interfaces

Speech-activated assistants as a tangible asset

Conversational Interfaces

In addition to touch and text, conversational interfaces will play an increasingly important role as an input channel. Speech-activated assistants can be a tangible and audible asset in various everyday situations and dramatically enhance the user experience.

Conversational interfaces create new business areas. This forces companies to act in order not to be left behind when customer behavior evolves. Today's children are growing up with conversational interfaces; they are “CI natives”. They learn to communicate naturally with devices. In the future, it will be unimaginable for them, that there were times when conversational interfaces did not exist. We are not there yet, but we are well on our way.

Creating new opportunities

The advantage of conversational interfaces for the business lies in the possibility to generate more user data and get an even better understanding of user behavior. CI disrupts markets and creates new opportunities.

As an experienced integrator, we are taking a lead in developing voice-controlled solutions and integrating third-party voice assistants in existing applications. We have been developing such mobile apps and backend applications for various industries. For public transportation a timetable app, for finance the "Bank Advisor Protocol" - Converlyze, for the payment industry a peer-to-peer payment app, a robotic arm supporting people with disabilities and a grocery list.

There are many niches, which major tech companies do not cover, such as Swiss languages and dialects. In addition, it is advantageous to keep the data in Switzerland. Since we take privacy very seriously, we provide solutions that keep conversations between humans and computers or phones within premises.

What the future may bring

In the future, people will be able to communicate with their devices naturally. Conversational interfaces will change how users interact with devices. In combination with machine learning, new skills will be required, for example conversation design or semantic analysis. Additionally, the integration with backend systems will change. Integrating conversational interfaces is fascinating and challenging and we are excited to be part of this development.

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