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Entering the market as pioneers, we are now one of the most experienced and comprehensive mobile developers.

As pioneers we entered the mobile development market in 2008 with the very first Swiss app Wemlin for the first iPhone. Wemlin was ready for smart watches in time for the launch of the Apple Watch. Today, with several hundred apps deployed in the app stores, we are one of the largest and most important players in the market.

Our software fits all end-products. Usually, an app has to be developed for different platforms (iOS, Android etc.). Besides, an app consists not only of the app itself, but needs a technical „contact“: the server. In many projects, this even is the main part of the development. This means that various technologies are used for one product and the selection of the used technologies is a deciding factor for the success of an app.

With us you benefit from a 360 degree skill set for the world of mobile development – from finding ideas to strategy, visual design and development, down to the depths of the backend. As full stack supplier, we master all required technologies. Our various apps for all industries show that we understand business processes and know how to reproduce them in the mobile world. In the area mobile banking, we are the largest supplier in Switzerland: almost all cantonal banks and other banks such as PostFinance and Migros Bank count on our comprehensive services.

Further current app examples:

Best of Swiss Apps lists the most important market participants of the Swiss app industry every year. We are among the five most successful app suppliers. Deservedly, as there has not been a year without an award for one of our apps since its launch in 2013.



for our outstanding apps



our first App in iTunes store



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Not only apps – everything is mobile!

The app world is in a state of continuous change. Every day new technologies for development and innovative, game-changing devices enter the market. Keeping the overview and staying up-to-date is difficult. What benefits come from Augmented or Virtual Reality? What business models can you develop for your company? What about wearables and the mega trend Internet of Things?

We explore new technologies and their uses in different innovation initiatives and were already able to implement projects and pilots, also together with customers. For Augmented Reality you can count on the dedicated team from Augment IT that is always up-to-date with the latest developments and is able to work out the best solution together with you. To know more, read the stories about Conversational Interfaces and SkopjePulse, an IoT project for the sustainable development of the city of Skopje, and explore our microsite on Augemented Reality.

In addition, we actively engage in the Swiss mobile association smama as member of the board and with organizing “Practicals”.

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