3-D Secure Acquiring Products

Secure online commerce

3DS MPI, 3DS Server, 3DS SDK

Secure online commerce

The 3-D Secure Aquiring Products from Netcetera ensure the smooth and reliable processing of payments when consumers shop over the internet. The 3DS Server, 3DS SDK and 3DS MPI come with contemporary web services for the verification and authentication of the cardholder.

As an integral part of the online shopping process, the Netcetera 3-D Secure Acquiring Products authenticate and verify the cardholder against Visa Secure (Verified by Visa), Mastercard® Identity Check™ (SecureCode™), American Express Safekey®, Diners Club ProtectBuy®, JCB J/Secure™, Mir Accept and UnionPay UPOP. Merchants enabling 3-D Secure transactions benefit from a liability shift to the card issuer and thereby reduce their risk for non-authenticated transactions and associated refunds and lost revenue.

Netcetera offers 3-D Secure Acquiring Products for 3DS 1.0 and 2.0: The homemade 3DS Server and 3DS SDK products for 3DS 2.0 complement the Merchant Plug-In (MPI), a proven product that is highly valued by customers all over the world for its smooth integration. The products are based on latest technologies and have a contemporary architecture, which can be flexibly developed further to support future requirements. A comprehensive dashboard as well as log data and statistics are available for monitoring, fulfilling the requirements of the card schemes.

Netcetera's 3DS MPI, 3DS Server and 3DS SDK can be licensed and operated on site on the infrastructure of the merchants. Alternatively, the product architecture allows a central operation for several merchants run by a payment service provider (PSP) or by an acquirer or a bank.

Our offering, your benefits

  • 3-D Secure Merchant Plug-In (MPI) as a license
  • 3-D Secure Server as a license
  • 3-D Secure SDK as a license
  • Support during integration and operation
  • Continuous enhancement of the products
  • PCI-ready: developed with regard to PCI certification simplifies the audit of your global solution
  • Flexibly expandable: benefit from a scalable licensing model
  • Secure future: ensured business continuity thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Built with Netcetera's longstanding experience and expertise in the credit card industry and, in particular, in the processing of online payments with 3-D Secure

Further information

Are you interested to learn more about the Netcetera 3-D Secure Acquiring Products? Please visit our product center for latest news, technical documentation and downloads.

Netcetera also offers a 3-D Secure Issuer Service for card issuers and banks. We look forward to hearing from you or to meeting you at one of our next events.

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Borkica Shekerova

Senior Product Manager Secure Digital Payments

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