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DirectPoll is a tool for opinion polling, entertainment, marketing and decision support as well as a service for modern learning (blended learning / flipped classroom), all in one package. DirectPoll is live and everywhere. Polls can be organized spontaneously – during a presentation or a TV show, for example – and conducted immediately. DirectPoll is highly scalable and can therefore also be used as a second screen application for all kinds of live broadcasts.

Using their smartphones, tablets or PCs, participants give their feedback or vote via a link to the poll site. The results are then presented live to the viewers or audience in the form of an animated diagram. Polls can be created online. Questions can be edited at any time, even while a poll is running. DirectPoll enables a high degree of interaction between the audience and the presenter.

DirectPoll - Quick and easy organization of polls

  • interactive and available everywhere
  • for opinion polling, entertainment and decision support
  • real-time web polls can be conducted during an event, voting with smartphone
  • operates without app (no installation necessary)
  • polls can be updated at any time, results are presented immediately for all to see
  • highly-scalable, cloud-based platform

DirectPoll for modern learning (blended learning/flipped classroom)

Combining the advantages of classroom presence with the strengths of online learning

Prof. Miller conducts a test with his students. He has prepared the questions upfront using the DirectPoll Cockpit. Prior to the test, students receive the voting link. Using their tablets or PCs, students can choose from one or more answers. During the test, Prof. Miller shows the animated diagram with the current votes, but without the answers. After each question, Prof. Müller discusses the options and shows the correct answer.

DirectPoll as an introduction to a lecture

Show the relevance of the subject and win over the audience

Hans Baumann begins his lecture with a guesstimate. He has prepared the questions and answers upfront using the DirectPoll Cockpit. Using their own smartphones, the audience participate in the poll via the voting link. Hans Baumann makes the poll even more exciting by only showing the diagram with the received votes without any answers. After a short time, Hans Baumann shows the result of the poll and begins his lecture. All attention is focused on him.

DirectPoll as entertainment

Interacting with the audience with second screen applications

Jenny is a presenter of a TV program for young viewers and enjoys interacting with her audience. In each program, she asks questions on current topics. She prepares her questions using the DirectPoll Cockpit shortly before the program starts. Using their smartphones, the young viewers sitting in front of the screen at home give their feedback. While Jenny is talking to a guest, the results are shown on the TV in real time. The young viewers comment on the answers via Twitter. The tweets are shown on screen. During the course of the interview, further questions are raised, which Jenny would like to pass on to her audience. She can do this at any time using the Cockpit. She presents the new questions to the viewers with a single click.


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Patrick Ehrensperger

Senior Project Manager & Consultant

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