Mobile Banking

On top of your finances at all times

Mobile Banking

Make it easier for your customers to keep an overview of their assets and enable them to make payments and place stock exchange orders anywhere and at any time using their smartphones.

With Netcetera’s mobile banking, bank customers can access their assets, make payments, place stock exchange orders or contact the bank using the integrated mailbox at any time. Users can easily retrieve the location of the next ATM or branch and the correct emergency numbers for blocking cards in the public area of the app.

The mobile banking app is highly configurable, both in its look and feel as well as in its functions. It enables the bank to implement its own CI/CD and to independently update its own content such as news, locations, contact addresses, emergency numbers, etc., in a very simple way.

This is what mobile banking can do:

  • Provide an overview of the assets, through to account and custody accounts statements
  • Enable payment orders using a smartphone
  • Support finding and trading securities
  • Enable direct communication with the bank via the secure mailbox
  • Display bank locations (branches and ATMs) in the form of maps and lists
  • Provide information on emergency numbers and other contact possibilities
  • Provide an exchange rate calculator and display the current exchange rates

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