Plaza Enterprise Search

The Intranet search engine that knows your organization

Plaza Enterprise Search

Plaza Enterprise Search is an Intranet search engine that provides full-text search capabilities for various resources in an organization’s Intranet.

Full text search on the Internet is no longer a problem, but most companies’ internal search engines are ineffective. Today’s employees need search results that are relevant and useful, so that they can work productively and share their knowledge with each other. Plaza Enterprise Search integrates an organization’s structured data, whereby the relevance of the search results can be defined. Employees find what they are looking for and the delivered results are correct and relevant.

Search results that matter

  • Full-text search capabilities
  • Fast search performance and scalable architecture
  • Search result filtering by metadata attributes
  • Responsive design for laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Out-of-the-box integration of various data sources, such as internal web sites and file system storage, and third-party products, such as Atlassian Confluence and JIRA
  • API for the integration of other custom or third-party data sources (document management systems, CRM, ERP, issue management systems, email archives, planning, monitoring and reporting tools)
  • Based on widely used open source components, including Apache Solr, Tika and Spring
  • Enrichment of objects in the search index with links to and metadata from your organization’s structured data sources
  • Flexible definition of relevance based on concepts and attributes of your organization rather than just metadata of the objects in the index
  • Customizable and extensible web-based user interface
  • REST-based API for the search functionality for easy integration into other components

Oliver Aeschlimann

Head of Product & Market Strategy Digital Enterprise

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