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Wemlin Data HUB

Transportation companies invest a lot of time in processing their timetable data. This is an important asset nowadays when it comes to providing comprehensive information to passengers. At the same time, the demands for the availability of this data are increasing. It is no longer enough to have just the timetable or the departure display at a particular stop. Transportation companies want to use SBB, Google or open-data formats today. The system of choice is Wemlin Hub, with its fast conversion engine and extensive web front end.

Conversion of timetable data

Wemlin Hub processes various data formats, including HAFAS and GTFS, as well as VDV453, VDV454, GTFS RT and GTFS service alerts.

Web-based data processing

All data can be further processed online based on your needs. This includes renaming and merging stops as well as excluding certain stops, lines or individual connections. Wemlin Hub supports the display of line colors and the visual presentation of various types of lines, such as trams, trains, boats and cable cars. Within Switzerland, the stops can also be adjusted based on the BAV (Swiss Federal Office for Transport) list.

The admin interface is role- and rights-based and can be adapted to the customer's requirements in detail.

Data output

The data processed online can then be published in various formats. This includes GTFS, RSS and output via a REST API. The production of static timetables for Wemlin mobile apps is also supported.

Oliver Aeschlimann

Head of Product & Market Strategy Digital Enterprise

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