ePolice Mobile

In direct contact with the public

ePolice Mobile

As a police organization, you are committed to the protection and security of the population. A population which is becoming increasingly more mobile and has around-the-clock access to information via contemporary communication channels, such as the internet and smartphones.

By using these information channels, you wish to present yourself as a contemporary service provider and also reach the public on the go.

Important police information available any time and anywhere via smartphone

  • With ePolice Mobile, the public is always informed of the latest police news
  • ePolice Mobile reaches a broad audience for search appeals and crime prevention
  • Thanks to ePolice Mobile, you can inform the public affected of the current traffic situation and warn it about the threat of floods or a gathering storm in a quick and targeted manner
  • ePolice Mobile supports you in recruiting new colleagues

Your Benefits with ePolice Mobile

  • Image improvement by using state-of-the-art communication channels
  • Well-informed public and media thanks to up-to-date news
  • Broad support in searches
  • Fewer incidents: the public is quickly warned of gathering storms and the threat of floods
  • Effective prevention by using additional communication channels
  • Supports the recruitment of new colleagues
  • Available for iPhone and Android

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