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eVisit Mobile

The roll-out of electronic patient files is a major step towards patient-centred processing in health care. But although the information is available in electronic form, it can often be retrieved only from the doctor's or care giver's workstation. During the ward round or outside the hospital, the information is not accessible. This changes with eVisit Mobile.

In eVisit Mobile, doctors and caregivers have a tool that is tailored to the processes in a targeted manner. The attending doctor has access to the relevant data of his patients anywhere and at any time. All information of the patient files is ideally prepared for mobile use. The user interface is specially optimized for application using touch screens. As such, eVisit Mobile offers more convenience than the classic clipboard, because it also allows faster and more targeted retrieval of the latest information.

  • With eVisit Mobile, doctors and care givers are informed of the latest patient data anywhere and at any time.
  • Centrally managed, electronic patient files are ideally prepared for mobile use via eVisit Mobile. As such, ward rounds can be prepared in a targeted manner and conducted efficiently.
  • Administrative data, laboratory reports and additional information are electronically recorded in the relevant core systems and are available to the doctor online.
  • Observations and notes can be electronically recorded with eVisit Mobile during the ward round.
  • With eVisit Mobile the persons in charge can also monitor and control the treatment process externally, e.g. from home. This allows providing the patient with the necessary help immediately.

Markus Dietrich

Head of Sales Digital Enterprise

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