Click to Pay

Online shops worldwide. Simple checkout.

Click to Pay

Consumers love online shopping, and with a digital wallet, your credit cards will be their simplest way to checkout.

Growth rates for e-commerce remain double-digit and ever more people shop on mobile devices where data entry is cumbersome and error prone. Enabling your credit cards for a simpler online checkout experience is essential to participate in the volume growth.

Simpler and faster e-commerce checkout with Click to Pay

Our solution makes online shopping safe and easy by storing the payment and shipping information in one secure place. With the issuer branding of the wallet and its user-friendliness the cardholder will gain trust and start using the digital wallet to checkout wherever he sees the Click to Pay checkout option.

Issuers and cardholders alike achieve better security. Our wallet is based on card networks' payment standards giving it worldwide acceptance and abides by the strict security rules of the credit card industry.

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