ToPay Mobile Wallet

Millions of POS terminals. Paid with your mobile app.

ToPay Mobile Wallet

As consumers go “mobile first”, make sure your credit and debit card products match their expectations.

With a global push towards digital payments, and mobile payments coming to more and more markets, today’s consumers rethink their payment options and services from their banks and payment card issuers.

Card issuers offering in-store payments with mobile devices will see their image improved, especially with younger customers. Making transactions faster through contactless NFC payments and more secure by using the convenient biometric authentication methods on mobile devices (e.g. fingerprint, selfie), you can also count on increased transaction volume and higher customer satisfaction.

HCE from Netcetera is the wallet-as-a-service solution to enhance your existing mobile banking or credit card management app with a secure and simple way to digitize payment cards and pay in stores with the mobile device.

The challenge: how to invest future-proof, offer convenience and gain your cardholders’ trust

Consumers still have security concerns for new digital payment solutions that need to be considered by banks and card issuers. With many new payment solutions competing for market share, capped interchange fees and multiple areas needing “digitization”, card issuers have the challenge to make sure that new mobile apps really are used by as many consumers as possible, use future-proof technologies and thereby ensure the continued attractiveness of their card products.

The solution: A fast and secure integration of in-store contactless payments in your mobile app

Our mobile wallet with HCE enables tap-to-pay for mobile devices based on the leading international card payment schemes. The integration into your existing app – where your cardholders already check their account balance and transactions – will give them the confidence to try out the new payment features and enjoy faster checkouts without taking out their leather wallet. A feature-rich, great mobile app will differentiate your brand and services.

Thanks to the authentication by your existing app, enabling the cards for mobile payments is as simple as picking a card from the list and accepting the terms & conditions. Every mobile payment is turned into a touchpoint with YOUR app and brand, instead of just presenting the scheme brand as in other digital payment channels.

The payment SDK (software development kit) comes with all card digitization, security, cryptography, card management and NFC features, pre-certified and ready to be embedded into your app. A wallet server hosted and operated by Netcetera manages all processes, the connectivity to the payment networks and ensures that the device is continuously secure and ready to pay.

Mobile wallet HCE in a nutshell

  • Available for Mastercard, Visa and American Express debit and credit cards, using tokenization
  • Tap-to-pay with mobile devices, compatible with contactless payment terminals worldwide
  • Uses HCE (host card emulation), available since Android 4.4
  • Designed as wallet-as-a-service to minimize integration efforts by issuer
  • Extensible for value-added-services (loyalty programs, service offers)
  • Wallet server available optionally for installation on premise
  • SDK included, optionally also with a white label payment app
  • Extension points for converged wallets for omni-channel payments (Mastercard Digital Secure Remote Payments)
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant operations, SDK and apps using white box cryptography
  • Operated in Switzerland guarantees quality, security and reliability

Mobile wallet with HCE is part of the Digital Payment Services for Credit Card Issuers.

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