ToPay Secure Checkout

Online shops worldwide. Simple checkout with Masterpass.

ToPay Secure Checkout

Consumers love online shopping, and with a digital wallet, your credit cards will be their simplest way to checkout.

Growth rates for e-commerce remain double-digit and ever more people shop on mobile devices where data entry is cumbersome and error prone. Enabling your credit cards for a simpler online checkout experience is essential to participate in the volume growth.

Removing the need for data entry during checkout and cardholder-friendly security features mean less cart abandonment, more transactions and happier cardholders. Fraud risk for the issuer is reduced by eliminating the need to store card data at the merchant and by the wallet’s strong cardholder authentication that can reuse the e-banking authentication.

The Web Wallet from Netcetera is a Masterpass compatible digital wallet that makes credit card payments simple and secure, using the bank’s or issuer’s branding and cardholder authentication methods. It also seamlessly integrates with the 3-D Secure services.

The challenge: convenient e-commerce payments that earn the shoppers trust and merchants like

Consumers are concerned about the fraud risk of web transactions, and are torn between registering with a merchant for simpler checkout and the hassle of entering their payment data and shipping address for every purchase. Consumers also hesitate (rightfully) to give card details to less known and less trusted online stores, where it can be misused or stolen. Card issuers need to reduce fraud risks, give cardholders confidence and peace of mind, turning e-commerce into positive touchpoints with their brand.

The solution: Simpler and faster e-commerce checkout with the Masterpass partner-hosted digital wallet

Our solution makes online shopping safe and easy by storing the payment and shipping information in one secure place. With the issuer branding of the wallet and its user-friendliness the cardholder will gain trust and start using the digital wallet to checkout wherever he sees the Masterpass checkout option.

Card issuers can pre-fill the credit card data and even their cardholder’s shipping address to provide a ready-to-go, secure digital wallet without any further cardholder action. When shopping online, a buyer selects the Masterpass payment option, authenticates using the issuer’s method and simply confirms the checkout. Multiple cards and addresses can be stored and individually selected during checkout.

Issuers and cardholders alike achieve better security, since buyers do not save their data with many individual online merchants. Your cardholder also see full recipient names in their account, not just transfers to 3rd party payment services. Our wallet is based on Mastercard’s payment standards giving it worldwide acceptance and abides by the strict security rules of the credit card industry.

Web Wallet in a nutshell

  • Digital payments anywhere, with any device, with any payment card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and others)
  • Accepted at millions of e-commerce merchants worldwide, supported by all major PSPs
  • Mastercard Masterpass v6 compliant, partner-hosted wallet
  • User experience can be integrated with existing e‑banking services; using APIs for data integration
  • Optimized for provisioning of cards by issuer, or as open wallet allowing 3rd party cards added by user
  • Responsive issuer branded and multilingual web interface to pay and to manage cards & addresses
  • Fully PCI DSS compliant operations at Netcetera data centers; or optional installation on premise
  • Extension points for converged wallets for omni-channel payments (Mastercard Digital Secure Remote Payments)
  • Operated in Switzerland guarantees for quality, security and reliability

Web Wallet is part of the Digital Payment Services for Credit Card Issuers.

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