Digital ingenuity. 25 years and beyond.

Travelling through time with Neta

In 25 years

from a Swiss start-up to a global company driving digital transformation

Back in 1996 we started with an online pizza ordering service. Today we are leading digital transformation with several thousand cutting-edge software projects and products worldwide.

What was perceived as an innovative but not earth-shattering technology niche in our early days has now become a global reality.

Stories from the past

Surreptitious Advertising at Orbit

From one of the founders: Joachim Hagger

First business date with Netcetera

From Uwe Kolk

Spreading our wings in Macedonia

From Makedonka Stamatova

A bright future for Netcetera

From one of the founders: Michael Schaepman

Time travel into the future: Neta visited Netcetera's 50th birthday Party in 2046 to talk to a few employees about the last 25 years. An exclusive peek into the future.

What it feels like to be a Netceterian

A few success stories

Pizza online please!

Topping a pizza on the internet and then ordering it on the World Wide Web like Sandra Bullock in “The Net” in 1995. A transaction like this back then was genuinely weird.

The best Planning Software for the best timetable in the world

To fully exploit the capacities on the densest rail network in the world required the most powerful planning software in the world:

Mobile to your destination

Netcetera was delighted when they launched "Tramdroid", one of the first successful Swiss apps, in 2008.

The Bank in your pocket

The mobile internet is conquering Switzerland. PostFinance recognized the potential - and created the first mobile banking app with payment function with support from Netcetera in 2010.

Gesundheit, Abu Dhabi!

Health in Abu Dhabi has long been a private matter. Netcetera was also in demand when the Emirate established a state health system in the new millennium.

The business with the billions

To be able to regulate the financial center, the Swiss National Bank needs IT of the highest security and availability. In 2016, the new SIC system went live – and has proven itself since then with over 700 million transactions annually.

Becoming a player with security

How did Netcetera manage to become the market leader for 3-D Secure Services? And what did Edward Snowden have to do with it?

Hot prices, coolly calculated

Because the real estate market is booming, experts are drowning in work. The "Wüest Dimensions" web application provides a remedy.

Tomorrow's reality

Augmented reality makes companies more efficient and is not a gimmick. The pharmaceutical giant Lonza and the machine builder Spühl GmbH recognized this.

A wallet for the Balkans

For Halkbank, a Netcetera team from Linz and Skopje launched the first digital wallet in North Macedonia that enables contactless payment with a smartphone.

Who is Netcetera’s comic icon Neta?

Neta is taking you on a journey through 25 years of Netcetera. But who is she?

Back then...

"...I thought computers weren't really needed at all. After all, you could play games on a calculator."
Ronnie Brunner, Fellow and founder

"...I considered myself a computer ace and thought they could hardly teach me anything new at the Institute for Computer Science. That was, of course, total hubris."
Andrej Vckovski, CEO and founder