Pizza online please!

Topping a pizza on the internet and then ordering it on the World Wide Web like Sandra Bullock in “The Net” in 1995 or in real life in Santa Cruz (USA) with Pizza Hut. A transaction like this back then was genuinely weird.

And in Zurich? At the same time, flat mates Ronnie Brunner and Andrej Vckovski together with Thomas Werschlein and Joachim Hagger were tinkering with a web solution for pizza orders. Netcetera did not yet exist – just the idea of programming internet-based dynamic websites for companies. A showcase was needed. "We watched the film The Net and thought: Pizza delivery and computer nerds, there's a match!" Brunner recalls. Netcetera found its ideal partner in the Swiss market leader "Pizza-Kurier".

On January 8, 1996, Pizza-Kurier was the first Swiss restaurant chain to open an e-shop. Everyone reported on it, from the radio to the newspapers. In the first month, Pizza Kurier sold 33 pizzas online. Two years later it was 449. 20 years later it was 40,990.

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