The best planning software for the best timetable in the world

To fully exploit the capacities on the densest rail network in the world required the most powerful planning software in the world: NeTS.

About 30 Netcetera employees together with partner companies Ergon and Nose have worked on the development of the NeTS planning software (network-wide track system). An important success factor was that they worked together with other developers, route planners and UX experts in one open-plan office in Bern – a kind of control center in which the most powerful railway planning software in the world was created in the following 18 months.

With NeTS, annual and daily planning, route and hub planning, construction work, closures and train path ordering all came together in one system. Every track, curve and hill was stored in the system in order to calculate the exact travel time of a train. With the help of countless interfaces to over one hundred peripheral systems, SBB's route planners could access 3.6 billion information units with NeTS.

Just a few days after going live, NeTS faces its first trial by fire when a derailed freight train in Zurich's Central Station leads to short-term restrictions, track construction work and rescheduling lasting several days. The powerful software passes the trail by fire.

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