The bank in your pocket

The mobile internet is conquering Switzerland. PostFinance recognized the potential - and created the first mobile banking app with payment function with support from Netcetera.

Just three years after Apple reinvented the mobile phone with its first iPhone, almost half of Swiss internet users already owned a smartphone in 2010 – with a rising trend. Netcetera had long been convinced that the user would also carry out their banking transactions with their smartphones. And PostFinance commissioned Netcetera to develop a mobile banking app. Mobile banking was hardly a topic in Switzerland, and the few apps that already existed on the market at most showed where the nearest branch of the respective bank was located. But what if I want to use the app to pay my friend for a cinema ticket? PostFinance wanted to be the first bank in Switzerland to develop an app with a bank transfer function. And Netcetera knew how to do it.

A team of Netceterians in Skopje tackled the project. The challenge was to convince the customer of the security process. Even if PostFinance played a pioneering role, it didn't do so thoughtlessly. Was mobile banking really as secure as online banking on the desktop? Netcetera and PostFinance also made use of the new features of a smartphone: Instead of laboriously typing in account and reference numbers of payment slips, customers could simply scan them with the camera using the PostFinance app. With this, PostFinance was a pioneer throughout Switzerland.

By 2020, 88 percent of the population had a smartphone. Modern devices can now recognize their owner's fingerprints and facial features. And Netcetera and PostFinance are constantly updating the app accordingly.

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