Hot prices, coolly calculated

Because the real estate market is booming, experts are drowning in work. The "Wüest Dimensions" web application provides a remedy.

In 2014, Wüest Partner had the vision to replace its multitude of applications for real estate valuation with a new, integrated system. The need for applications and algorithms that coolly calculate even hot prices was recognized early on. So Wüest Partner commissioned Netcetera to jointly realize the vision.

As with all Netcetera projects, an in-depth examination of the client's business field is a decisive factor for success. Initially, the real estate experts from Wüest Partner and the software developers from Netcetera often talked past each other – their languages being very different. "It took us a few months to understand the complexities of the real estate industry," says Netcetera project manager Urs Hardegger.

But with a deeper understanding of the matter, Netcetera planned and developed the web application "Wüest Dimensions". Its functionality is so convincing that Wüest Partner licenses it to business clients, who in turn use it to carry out valuations for their customers. "Wüest Dimensions" is continuously being expanded into a comprehensive platform that also covers the areas of property inspection (Wüest Visits), business intelligence and market analysis (Wüest Insights), and investment management.

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