Tomorrow’s reality

Augmented reality makes companies more efficient and is not a gimmick. The pharmaceutical giant Lonza and the machine builder Spühl GmbH recognized this.

In 2016, Reto Grob and Zdravko Nikolovski founded an in-house start-up with "Augment IT" that specializes in augmented reality and today counts a team of 12 members.

To make use of the augmented reality, Netcetera develops highly specialized software and works as a long-term consultant for augmented reality applications for industry, the construction sector, health care, and education.

Since 2020, Lonza has been using Netcetera’s Inspect AR product in its daily work routine. What such a routine looks like, shows another user of Inspect AR: the internationally successful machine builder Spühl GmbH. In general, the product is used for inspecting and maintaining systems where wear and tear is inevitable. Using either a mobile phone or data glasses, the service employee steps through the fabrication hall for investigation of the critical reference points. These are already virtually loaded into the application in the device. As soon as the camera registers such an object, the service employee is guided to its test point and is instructed step by step in front of the virtual eye on how to check it – be it with text, a picture or even with a video. What pressure must a water pipe have, how does a valve close correctly? This is much more efficient than browsing through long paper checklists. In short: Netcetera’s augmented reality helps customers save time and money.

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