A wallet for the Balkans

For Halkbank, a Netcetera team from Linz and Skopje launched the first digital wallet in North Macedonia that enables contactless payment with a smartphone.

In 2018, nobody in North Macedonia was thinking about reaching for their smartphone when paying at the checkout counter. The necessary technology was available: A digital wallet in which personal credit cards are stored. Two Macedonian banks even offered such a wallet, but the products were technically out of date and poorly marketed. Halkbank the fourth largest financial institution in the region, invited tenders for a project for developing a digital wallet. There appeared to be an opportunity here for Netcetera as well.

Netcetera’s excellent reputation, its three locations in North Macedonia and above all having the right product in its range, the White Label Wallet from the ToPay product suite, impressed Halkbank. So Netcetera received the contract.

The work on the projects took place in North Macedonia and in Linz, Austria, where the most know-how in the area of digital wallets and contactless payment was. Netcetera also implemented the Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method in the Halkbank Wallet. This allows the cardholder to be authenticated using biometric data on their smartphone without having to enter a PIN code at checkout. That's how to make genuine contactless payments.

In July 2020, the Halkbank went live with its "HalkPay" wallet.

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