Surreptitious Advertising at Orbit

A memory from a founder: Joachim Hagger

We had met for months to philosophize about business ideas and the future of the internet. We were certain that companies out there, would have a huge need for IT in the future. They’ll need us!

Our Company should be named Netcetera – a name we urgently had to publicize.

Sun Microsystems had set up an “internet@orbit Lounge” at Orbit, Switzerland’s largest computer trade fair. They were looking for young nerds to look after the websites and visitors to the trade fair and asked me. Visitors were supposed to be able to “surf the net” here, possibly for the first time in their life.

“Sure I’ll do it! And I’ll bring a few buddies along.” I said and meant my future Netcetera business partners. We programmed the homepage and a link list for the internet stations and at the same time positioned our Netcetera logo well.

The trade fair was humming, we had a whole lot to do and we busily distributed our freshly printed Netcetera business cards – very discreetly, of course. In the evening Orbit 1995 was over for us, when the trade fair management came by and told us not to advertise anything – as non-exhibitors.

Joachim is a co-founder of Netcetera and was its first managing director. In 2014, he left the company to set up his own start-up. He still works on specific assignments for Netcetera.

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