Spreading our wings in Macedonia

Memory from Makedonka Stamatova

My story with Netcetera began in 2002 in Skopje. Back then Netcetera Macedonia was known as Panton. The day after my graduation, I was having a job interview with Alex, Krume and Jovan and a few days later I started as the ninth employee of Panton, the youngest and the only coding woman. My mother was so proud!

We were like a family. Work and leisure, coding and drinking – we did everything together. The colleagues from Switzerland were often coming to Skopje and those meetings were always fun, yet very professional. And I will never forget my first trip to Switzerland. On a sunny summer day in 2003 I landed in Zurich. Haggi met me at the airport and took me on a sightseeing tour, with the first stop at Zyp 71, the impressive Netcetera headquarter.

Over the years, the company was growing and developing and so was my career: from a junior programmer to technical project lead and a team leader. Between 2010 and 2015, I became mother of two sons and completed a Master in Computer Science. During that time, we started off with the first commercial products at Netcetera. I stopped coding and started leading product development teams. Exciting times with many success stories …

Makedonka studied computer science at Skopje University and was first female programmer at Netcetera Macedonia in 2002. She has been the Location Director of Netcetera Berlin since 2018.

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