Who is Netcetera’s comic icon?

Meet our software engineer Neta

Neta is taking you on a journey through 25 years of Netcetera. But who is she?

Neta started her career at Netcetera in 2015. Since then, she has starred in over 100 Neta comics.

Neta is a geeky software engineer. However, she’s not only interested in code, but also supports us in many other areas. She moderates internal events, takes part in competitions, guides our interns, and most importantly, helps us find new talents via social media and at job fairs.

In regular updates, she is sharing the adventures in a life of a software engineer at Netcetera, from way back to very recent situations:

A few questions for Neta


What fascinates you about programming?

It's an amazing combination of creativity and logic. You get an idea, you dissolve it to its base building blocks and then voilà: out of nothing, you create something that can bring positive change to people's lives.

What are your special skills?

I do everything that the job demands, but I'll have you know that I'm famous for quickly resolving massive git conflicts while consuming large quantities of coffee.

You are also often on the road at recruitment events. How do you motivate young geeks to work for Netcetera?

By being honest with them. One of the things I love the most about Netcetera is our corporate culture, so I always try to present it to the young people because I know they will love it too.

What could seduce you?

Writing neat documentation.


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