Wemlin Disruption Manager

...and disruptions are dealt with quickly.

Disruption Manager

Our Disruption Manager supplies Websites, Apps, DFI displays and also PassengerTV with disruption messages. They can be created from everywhere and then be shown e.g. as marquee on all DFI, regardless of the format and make of the display hardware.

With its neat administration backend, disruption messages are quickly created and edited in the admin backend and can go live in an instant.

The disruption manager uses the same backend as Wemlin HUB: both schedule and disruption data can be managed with one single login.

  • The disruption messages can be defined easily by lines, stops and areas and they can be time-bound. The areas can be defined as templates so they can be added with one click.
  • "Emergency" feature: automatically generated disruption messages with pre-defined settings for especially urgent informations.

Oliver Aeschlimann

Head of Product & Market Strategy Digital Enterprise