Wemlin Tickets "Tablet Vendor"

Ready, Tablet, Go!

Tablet Vendor

The "Tablet Vendor" of Wemlin Tickets is a lean and tablet-based solution for ticket sales on public transport vehicles and small shops like kiosks.

Our tablet vendor brings you "Wemlin Tickets" to buy tickets via the bus drivers but also at kiosks and other small points of sale. Once connected to a small printer it can be used everywhere. That makes the "Tablet Vendor" ideal for smaller points of sales or ticket sales on vehicles where transactions have to be made easily and quickly. Where still needed, the vehicle driver or shop assistant can advise the customer about which ticket to buy.

The "Tablet Vendor" uses the backend of the Tickets App, while the offered range of tickets can be defined by channel and is connected to an accounting system.

Oliver Aeschlimann

Head of Product & Market Strategy Digital Enterprise