Wemlin Tickets

Simple, secure, convenient: buy tickets with your smartphone

Wemlin Tickets

Not enough petty cash, no ticket vending machine nearby, and there's aleady a queue... buying tickets at machines or booths is bothersome. Looking at the diffusion of smartphones, Switzerland is in a top position worldwide. Nevertheless, it is difficult for Swiss public transport customers to find an app that allows them to get network tickets quickly and worry-free. Our solution is Wemlin Tickets: With just two clicks, travelers can buy their tickets securely and in no time at all.

A ticket in two clicks

  • simple and fast: select the ticket and buy it. Intuitive, neat, reliable.
  • the multi-ride-card on the app: all advantages of the multi-ride-card, and more! Sharing it? Just send a card to your sister, a friend or your grandma! With "secure the multi-ride-card", the cards are even more secure than their paper versions. If the phone is lost or changed, any card with open rides is easily restored.
  • SwissPass half-fare card: registered the half-fare card in the App and the plastic card can stay in your purse :-)
  • Optimally supported: favorites, preferences, automatic location, take-me-home function, price calculations and language selection.
  • Extra safe with parental lock option: password required before purchase.

Of course Wemlin Tickets supports all established payment methods: all standard credit cards, direct debit, PayPal, debit and customer cards, plus billing via mobile phone provider – details need be entered only once. Wemling Tickets abides to highest security standards: credit card details are not stored on the smartphone.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

The Wemlin Tickets benefits

  • Attractive product: Wemlin Tickets is used by many transport systems and networks, and offers an attractive licensing model.
  • New sales channel: Wemlin Tickets can be customized with your company name and design, independent of third party ticketing offers, and is available in app stores.
  • Secure and efficient: sophisticated graphical elements keep the ticket secure against copying and make monitoring easier.
  • Quick to market: the product is configured quickly and reliably, and can be launched on the market in just 10 weeks.
  • Simple administration: administration of the stops, fares and zone data can be carried out in the back end.
  • Insightful statistics: usage figures for payment methods can be easily generated in the clear back end.

"Promobox" - a B2B loyalty program

The Promobox is a B2B feature for partners of the transportation network such as hotels, cinemas or private businesses. Any network ticket can be the basis for a promotion, and the partners can also add products or services to it. There is a lot of flexibility for the duration or validity of the promotion as well as for the type and quantity of the promotional codes. The promotions are distributed by the partners, physically and/or digitally. With the Promobox, it is for example possible:

  • for a private business with different locations to offer free rides between the locations for employees and visitors.
  • to buy the cinema ticket and the ride to get there at the same time.
  • to distribute public transfer vouchers to hotel guests: when the guests get their tickets digitally and in advance, the can already use it for getting to the destination (and not only after checking in).
  • for a city council or event organizer to issue public transport tickets for certain events.

Oliver Aeschlimann

Head of Product & Market Strategy Digital Enterprise