25 years of digital ingenuity

15 years in the Middle East

Thank you for visiting us at Gitex! Being a global software company we create cutting-edge IT products and individual digital solutions. Founded in 1996, Netcetera has 800 employees across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

What we offer

Secure Digital Payments

As the market leader in 3-D Secure, we offer innovative digital payment solutions with a strong focus on convenience, security and mobile use. Around two thirds of all Swiss credit card transactions are processed via our systems.


Our experience in the field of highly reliable, secure IT solutions qualified us to take on the major challenge of the healthcare industry:  Electronic patient records.

Inspect AR

Are you tired of inaccurate inspection results, manual work and a lot of paper? Inspect AR is a digitized inspection process enhanced with augmented reality. We empower companies to work faster, more productively, with less errors and traceable results. 

Forward Publishing

Forward Publishing addresses the changes in digital newsrooms. It enables publishing companies to have a smooth transition and transformation to an extensive digital content workflow with a set of highly approved integrated products.

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