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SwissWallet was a digital wallet where consumers could centrally store credit cards and manage and use them with just one single password. SwissWallet was offered in their own name by participating card providers; the platform ran in the background, and was open for utilization by all interested card providers. SwissWallet was seamlessly connected to card networks accepted worldwide. Cards from Mastercard, Visa and American Express can be placed in SwissWallet and used for online shopping. SwissWallet is a Swiss solution based on global standards. SwissWallet has been integrated into the Netcetera portfolio in 2020.

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The Aduno Group offers products and services for cashless payment.

As a leading company for private and business clients, the Aduno Group is a fair and transparent partner. The Aduno Group is wholly owned by the largest Swiss cantonal and retail banks (all the cantonal banks, Raiffeisen Group, Migros Bank, Bank Cler and a number of commercial and private banks).

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Netcetera is among the leading group of software companies in Switzerland and supports a whole range of customers in their core business with customized solutions. Highly motivated professionals, many years of experience and proven expertise have cemented Netcetera’s superb reputation. Sophisticated software with an innovative approach is its trademark, numerous awards, satisfied customers and happy employees are the result.

Netcetera covers all phases of the IT system life cycle. These include professional consultancy, a flexible approach, high-quality software development and the best possible user experience.

Swisscard AECS AG was established as a joint venture between Credit Suisse AG and American Express in 1998. As a card issuer in Switzerland the company handles product development, sales and marketing, customer service and card processing in Switzerland.

As a merchant acquirer, Swisscard AECS GmbH is also responsible for expanding and handling the American Express network of points of acceptance in Switzerland.

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