Delegating Authentication to Merchants

Strong Customer Authentication rules of PSD2 require that any e-commerce transaction be secured by two independent factors. Today’s state-of-the-art solution is for issuers to approve authentications with the 3DS 2.x protocol, e.g. by an out-of-band authentication via a consumer mobile app.

  • The biggest challenge in this process is switching from a merchant domain to an issuer domain and backwards.
  • As far as user experience is concerned, it would be much more convenient to remain in the same domain and a consumer’s transaction to be authenticated directly in the merchant’s sphere. This is what the concept of delegated authentication revolves around.

This webinar will help PSPs, acquirers and merchants to understand the details of delegated authentication and the requirements needed to bring it to live. Issuers will learn how they can trust this authentication at the merchant level and what this means for assessing the risks.

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