PSD2 Acquirer Exemptions and Delegated Authentication

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a mandate coming from PSD2 that requires two factors to authenticate the cardholder. At the same time, PSD2 states that not all transactions need to be strongly authenticated if a PSD2 exemption can be used. Most of the PSD2 exemptions apply to card issuers. However, some of them can also be applied by acquirers.

In this session we explain how Acquirers and Payment Service Providers should use the PSD2 exemptions to decide, whether an online transaction can be sent directly to authorization or requires 3-D Secure authentication to achieve optimal balance between transaction security and economic interests.

Learn how PSD2 SCA Acquiring exemptions & delegated authentication can be used right at the start of the transaction flow for a smoother & more trusted user experience.

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