ToPay Cloud Payment

Enabling mobile payments with scheme tokenization

ToPay Cloud Payment

Enabling mobile payments with scheme tokenization

With our module “ToPay Cloud Payment”, banks and issuers enrich their mobile banking apps and wallets with tap-to-pay functionality.

We developed ToPay Cloud Payment to facilitate the financial industry transition from traditional payment cards to digital credentials provisioned into mobile devices.  Payment card issuers are interested to keep the customer interface also for mobile contact-less payments in relation to OEM Pays. This requires a quick, safe and reliable way to offer contact-less payments based on credit and debit schemes from Mastercard and VISA.

With the ToPay Cloud Payment solution cards can be digitized for mobile payments using a pre-certified SDK and a serviced backend.

Your Benefits

  • Enable your clients to enter the fast growing area of mobile payments
  • Supporting Mastercard and VISA standards such as MCBP 2.0, MDES, VCBP 1.8 and VTS as TR-TSP
  • An easy to integrate SDK enables you to quickly develop your wallet or integrate it into a mobile banking app
  • Operations in PCI-DSS certified, redundant datacenter
  • A pre-certified SDK helps to speed up reaching functional and security certifications
  • Highest security ensured by the use of white-box cryptography and control-flow obfuscation
  • Flexible CHV options including the support of on-device cardholder validation using biometric technologies
  • Monitoring functionality for customer support and business reporting

Our Solution

The ToPay Cloud Payment system consists of an Android Library and a service connecting CMS-D and MAP functionality to MDES and VTS. A unified service layer allows adding more token services such as AMEX AETS or closed loop tokenization services for local debit schemes on request.

All use cases are supported, for example green-path card activation, device eligibility, replenishment, suspending and unlocking card by issuer or consumer etc.

For the development phase back-end emulators that simulate MDES and VTS, as well as the provided source code of a demo MPA, allows an experienced developer to do the integration job in just a few weeks.

The production backend service is operated with an availability of more than 99,7% in our PCI-DSS, VbV and ISO-27001 compliant datacenter.

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