The digital currency is called trust

Our CEO Andrej Vckovski about SwissWallet and the Swiss payment market

How do digital trends change the banking world and what are the challenges for banks? Our CEO Andrej Vckovski answers those questions in his presentation about SwissWallet at the Swiss Payment Forum in November 2016.

Andrej Vckovski and Roland Zwyssig, CMO of the Aduno Group, delivered an insight into the Swiss payment market, the international credit card networks and the SwissWallet approach. The Swiss platform for digital payment – SwissWallet – addresses some of the banks’ challenges. Digital transformation of the credit card and securing the interfaces to the customer are its most important goals. The requirement for this are a better user experience with the same security level, maintainable costs and more autonomy for the Swiss market. The credo of the presenters: “The digital currency is called trust”.

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Andrej Vckovski

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

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