01 November 2014

Netcetera launches Open Data offering on data.netcetera.com

Creating value with free data: new service for the developer community

Netcetera launches an online service for the developer community. The Swiss software company offers to host its own open data projects on data.netcetera.com. Additionally, Netcetera also provides converted data for software developers’ further use. With this free offering, Netcetera aims to support and promote the Open Data developer community in Switzerland.

The idea behind the Open Data movement is to make knowledge - in the form of data - publicly and freely available in order to generate value from it. In the case of official data, i.e. government and other administrative information, this means to grant public data access, considering the data protection laws. On the one hand, this creates transparency, strengthening the public confidence in the state. On the other hand, innovation and competition should be promoted in the private sector.

Netcetera supports the Swiss Open Data movement

In Switzerland, the pioneering association Opendata.ch has taken on the issue of open government data. The association is the Swiss chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation, through which it also is well connected internationally. As a member of OpenData.ch, Netcetera supports the Open Data movement in Switzerland. In addition to their engagement with OpenData.ch, Netcetera now has launched the service data.netcetera.com to support the Swiss developer community with the creation of open government solutions among other things.

Employee project sourced data.netcetera.com

The cornerstone of data.netcetera.com is "OpenData SMN", the first service offering. In a private initiative, Marcel Stör, Senior Software Engineer at Netcetera, has developed this simple API, which accesses data from Meteo Switzerland ("SwissMetNet") and coverts them as a web service for software developers. As an example, the website http://www.wo-scheint-die-sonne.ch (where does the sun shine?) is a result of the data obtained.

Netcetera provides services for the authorities

In order to facilitate the intended added value for the population through open government data, Netcetera regularly supports authorities when implementing such projects. In this regard, a service such as data.netcetera.com is an important addition from which Netcetera not only offers support to authorities, but also ensures that developer initiatives can be taken up easily and the added value of these projects is increased.


Making free data usableThe new online service for the developer community, data.netcetera.com, aims to create value from freely accessible data of the Swiss authorities.

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