Strong authentication with one click

Fitness program for online retailers

More and more people are shopping online. At the same time, online shopping is increasingly concentrated on a few large suppliers. Any small or medium-sized online retailer who wants to survive in this competition should have the necessary fitness. After all, they have to meet various customer expectations in order to make online shopping as convenient as possible. This includes, for example, optimizing the online shop for mobile devices, because the majority of customers now shop via smartphone. With card payments, the aim is to make e-commerce as easy and convenient for customers as at the POS.

Most importantly, the tightened security requirements that will come into force with the implementation of PSD2 potentially mean more friction and less user-friendliness for the end customer, i.e. more payment abandonments for online merchants. New functions and technologies, such as Delegated Authentication, make it easier to balance between more security and more convenience at the same time.

Strengthen your own competitiveness

The technical solutions required by online merchants and their acquirers or PSPs are available: With the 3-D Secure Software Development Kit (3DS SDK) for merchant apps and with Delegated Authentication, online merchants can use two powerful and effective tools to strengthen their own competitiveness and independence by improving the user experience for their customers.

With the 3DS SDK, merchants can process in-app payments on both Android and iOS smartphones based on EMV® 3-D Secure 2.0. They can thus offer their customers a seamless checkout process and meet the requirements of strong customer authentication. As a result, this leads to fewer purchase cancellations and higher approval rates and ultimately to higher sales.

Delegated Authentication means that merchants can perform strong customer authentication themselves. Most retailers already have the necessary requirements in place because they have extensive information about their customers. This makes it easy to implement a one-click checkout.

This also leads to fewer abandoned purchases and higher customer satisfaction.

Netcetera's experts explain how the 3DS SDK and Delegated Authentication work and how they can be implemented quickly and easily in practice in the webinar "Simplifying the Checkout Experience with 3DS SDK and Delegated Authentication".

EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.

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