Checkout: Seamless and frictionless

The most important key words in the payment ecosystem

The two most important buzzwords this year are "seamless" and "frictionless". If a merchant wants to survive in the tough competition of e-commerce in the long term, it must offer its customers the smoothest possible purchasing and payment processes. 3-D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) are designed to provide the necessary security.

However, many retailers had feared that the mandatory use of SCA from the beginning of this year would lead to increased purchase cancellations. The introduction of 3-D Secure 2.0 was supposed to remedy this situation.

Daniela Reyes from the British retailer Sainsbury, which operates an online store as well as supermarkets, comments: "After we implemented 3-D Secure 2.0, we unfortunately discovered that not all issuers already supported this version. Therefore, we can't always meet the customer expectation of a 'frictionless flow'."

Delegated authentication: more independence for online merchants

Ana Vuksanovikj-Vanevska, Senior Product Manager Payment Security at Netcetera, was able to show possible solutions in the breakout session "3DS/SCA/Delegated Authentication".

One approach, for example, is to reduce fraud rates through improved risk management. If this is successful, it will be possible to make more frequent use of the exemptions from SCA made possible in this context by the PSD2 payment services directive.

Far more promising: for merchants to use Delegated Authentication to make themselves less dependent on which version of 3-D Secure an issuer currently supports. If a merchant has already securely registered its customers, then it can use the login to the customer account as authentication for payment transactions. PSD2-compliant authentication methods for merchants include solutions from the FIDO Alliance (Fast Identity Online). An important advantage of Delegated Authentication is that the method also works for in-app payments. Customers then no longer have to be shuffled back and forth between the merchant app and the bank app at checkout, but can complete the payment with a single click.

Ana Vuksanovikj-Vanevska: "With Delegated Authentication, merchants can take matters into their own hands, make themselves less dependent on issuers, and at the same time also improve the shopping experience for their customers."

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