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20 Jahre Payment-Expertise in 45 Minuten

Nordic Payment Trends Roundtable with Etteplan, G+D and Netcetera

Recently W3C proposed a new draft standard to support streamlined authentication during payment transactions: Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC). This initiative is aiming to provide an easier, better integrated and more secure payment process for eCommerce transactions. 

FIDO, as a generic authentication standard, leverages hardware-based devices (Dongles, Keyfobs, built-in FIDO Authenticators) for payment authentications and thus is able to offer the needed two-factor authentication required by PSD2 SCA regulation.

This webinar will explain how to apply these existing (web authentication, FIDO) and future (SPC) standards for 3DS based payment authentication to improve conversion rates and security at the same time.

The webinar will be presented by Kurt Schmid, Marketing and Innovation Director Secure Digital Payments at Netcetera, and Rolf Lindemann, Vice President Products from NokNok.

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