Mobile Wallet SDK
for UnionPay QR Code

One-click-checkout for safe and seamless shopping experience

In partnership with


Empower your UnionPay International card holders with access
to a new world of convenient and secure shopping

Increase your card revenues and customer loyalty by giving your card holders the power to use their UnionPay International cards conveniently and securely at nearly 31 million merchants across 45 countries. Your mobile app will become the preferred payment method for your customers in no time. Netcetera's ToPay QR Code for UnionPay is a state-of-the-art mobile SDK that works on all platforms and fits seamlessly inside your mobile wallet.

Secure and reliable, the component is done in partnership with UnionPay International, on top of our decades long experience in the international credit card payments.


Simple and easy checkout experience for your card holders

Convert your mobile wallet into the preferred payment channel for your card holders

E-commerce transactions across multiple channels, like web stores, TV ads or gaming consoles

Secure and reliable payments using the underlying tokenisation platform from UnionPay International

Access to the UnionPay Cross-Border Marketing Platform to leverage various marketing tools and features

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