Kids banking app as a white-label solution

Digital banking developed for Gen Z & Alpha

For financial service providers who do not want to leave the future to chance.

Our offering

Cost effective white label approach - quick time to market

SaaS-based solution, relying on bank’s existing backend systems

Lightweight and easy integration using open banking standards

Based on research of the needs of parents and Gen Z and Alpha teens

Selected features

Cockpit for teenagers

Financial literacy
Safe space and contextual support in acquiring financial skills

Privacy for teens
Same experience as paying with cash, but with a debit card

Cockpit for parents

Supervision & safety net
Adjustable levels of safety and supervision depending on maturity and sense of responsibility of teens


Shared parent money pot 
For everyday expenses that are not covered by pocket money

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Understanding Gen Z & Alpha

We talked to many teens to better understand them and their world and to find out what is important to them.


Cash is king but peer-to-peer (P2P) payment became popular during the pandemic (Twint in Switzerland).


Simplicity is key in banking apps. Teenagers are especially interested in how much money they have.


Children have saving targets (smartphones like iPhone, brand clothes like Nike) and are loyal to brands.


Children don’t have touchpoints to the banks anymore.

User- and customer-centric approach

To find out what children need from a banking app, we performed 1800+ minutes of qualitative interviews, 12 prototypes, and 41 qualitative tests in 2021.