Turning software into value

Creating opportunities for growth with digital products and bespoke software

We deliver seamless and secure software solutions at scale. Our software and products improve user experience and protect sensitive data at every stage of the digital journey across the banking, payment, mobility, health, and publishing sectors.

Secure Payments

A hassle-free payment experience with 3-D Secure. Improve conversion and customer trust.

Digital Banking

One-stop shop for the future of digital banking with 25+ years of experience and a proven track record

Pensions Technology

Seamless software for pension providers and a future-proof digital management

Connected Health

Less cost & paperwork, more care: Digital business process for a frictionless workflow

Smart Mobility

Simply travel: one-stop-shop for a seamless and sustainable journey.

Digital Identity

Identity management solution - Secure your digital business relationship

Forward Publishing

Better content, less IT. Integrated publishing infrastructure from the cloud

Advanced Real Estate

Future-proof your real estate services - networked and digital

Product Development as a Service

We transform your ideas into products

Individual digital solutions

Designed around your business and your users

We combine our digital expertise with your market and business-specific knowledge to create the ideal solution to drive your growth.

AI solutions

At the forefront of digital development

We have established expertise in emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence. We strongly focus on using innovative technology solutions to address sustainability challenges, creating more efficient software within a cloud-first approach.

Working together to push the boundaries of digital possibilities

We have created an inspiring environment for you to join and shape. Our community is built around encouraging the talents of all our employees.

Netcetera in numbers

As the digital powerhouse within global security tech company G+D, we work with you to reach your digital business targets.

What it means to be a Netcetarian

We listen to, respect and care for our employees. We prioritize our responsibility to devote time and effort to cultivating a highly engaged employee culture.


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