SIX debiX+ app - Online shopping with debit card

The Banking Services business unit of SIX orchestrates payment traffic services - from a single source. It operates, develops, and digitizes business and private payment transactions for the Swiss financial center. The focus is on the infrastructure for interbank payments and services related to card-based and mobile transactions. Four ecosystems cover the needs of financial institutions, software companies, businesses, and, increasingly, the Swiss population.

White-label app based on Netcetera's wallet, identity and 3DS products

SIX had already worked with Netcetera in the past for the development of the Swiss payment system and now selected them to develop the debiX+ white-label app as well. In addition to the ToPay Mobile Wallet, two other Netcetera products were integrated: Netcetera Identity for registering and managing app user profiles, and the 3-D Secure Issuer Service, for registering debit cards for 3-D Secure eCommerce. With the interaction of these three Netcetera products, a rapid market launch has been achieved.

In the neutral mobile app debiX+, users can deposit debit cards from different banks and use them for online shopping. Users register a digital identity and create a user account. This guarantees quick and easy onboarding. The authentication of a transaction runs securely via the Netcetera 3DS ACS, supports multi-factor authentication with biometrics or PIN, and thus enables smooth payments for a better shopping experience for cardholders.

Digital use cases with the debit card for e-commerce.

SIX offers the new generation of debit cards to card-issuing banks in Switzerland. In addition to standard functionalities (cash withdrawal or contactless payment), further digital use cases, such as online shopping and hotel reservations, create a new user experience. SIX’s goal: to provide banks with an extensible, mobile solution in the form of a white-label app that supports the new digital use cases such as secure online shopping with 3-D Secure or wallet provisioning.

Fast time to market thanks to certified products

Secure: Netcetera Identity and payment authentication with Biometrics

Ensures direct customer relationship for bank with neutral app

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