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S01E04: Building Trust: The Key to Successful Digital Products

In today's fast-paced digital world, trust is the key differentiator for standout digital products.

Join Gabriele Brechbuehl, managing director of Netecetra’s Digital Enterprise division, and Monika Muller, UX architect, as they discuss trust-building elements like customer-centric design, loyalty, and clear communication. Learn how prioritizing customer experience cultivates lasting trust in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


S01E03: The EMV 3-D Secure Mystique: What Lies Beneath

EMV® 3-D Secure, a cutting-edge technology that enhances online transaction security and customer trust. Hanspeter Jsler, managing director of APAC at Netcetera, joins us as we discuss the many benefits of EMV® 3-D Secure.

How does seamless implementation enhance customer trust and satisfaction? Can businesses build strong customer relationships and instill confidence in their online payment processes by adopting EMV® 3-D Secure? - Hanspeter Jsler has the answers.


AI Banking Chatbots can blend the SuperApps concept with data power to shape the future of digital banking

Traditional banking services are undergoing a remarkable transformation in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. As with digitalization, very little will remain untouched, and though it is unlikely to change what banking does, they will dramatically transform how it does it.

GenNext Banking – embracing the digital and sustainable future with Gen Z

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting societal norms, the banking sector faces new challenges in adapting to the expectations of younger generations. 

Elevate your payment experience now with Click to Pay

An interview with Suzana Kordumova, Senior Product Manager in Secure Digital Payments at Netcetera, explaining the evolving nature of Click to Pay.

How AI-based banking assistants can improve financial inclusion and accessibility

Financial institutions are beginning to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve various aspects of their business.

How to ensure compliance and privacy in AI-based digital banking solutions

With the hype around AI reaching new heights, the potential to transform digital banking is bigger than ever. 

S01E02: Agile Genesis: Returning to the roots

Curious about the surge of interest in agility? Join our experts, Gorazd Titizov and Neda Kaleshovska, both part of Netcetera's Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, as they share insights on agility in this episode and the foundations, principles, and values that make agility a game-changer.


Digital Banking Trends 2024: What banks should prepare for

The digital banking landscape is constantly evolving. While some trends such as cryptocurrencies and metaverse have lost momentum, 2023 has paved the way for new trends. 

Buy Now, Pay Later: Where banks stand in the evolving BNPL market

More and more people are using Buy Now, Pay Later in e-commerce. In this article, you will learn how banks can use BNPL to strengthen customer loyalty and how it can be implemented.

S01E01: The Future is Cloudy, The Native Invasion

What is the game-changing essence of cloud-native computing?
Ralph Shenkel and Aleksandar Petreski discuss its transformative impact on technology, development, and the IT landscape, revealing benefits for both developers and organizations as a whole.


Click to Pay is the future of e-payments

Watch this webinar focused on the benefits of Click to Pay,

Simplifying Authentication with Secure Payment Confirmation

Watch an enlightening webinar focused on enhancing user authentication and payment security. 

Enabling customers to track digital payment credentials

Despite the convenience of card-on-file transactions for recurring payments, many consumers have security concerns, experience checkout friction, or lose track of where their credentials are stored. This presents an opportunity for card issuers to provide easy-to-use tools for consumers to view and manage their digital payment credentials – and, in the process, gain the much-coveted top-of-wallet position.

Going frictionless with one-click checkout

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline their customers’ online checkout experiences – and so minimize the number of carts they abandon. To help address that challenge, the world’s most popular payment card networks have joined forces to create Click to Pay, making express checkout a universal, intuitive, and secure experience.

Network tokenization: the key to seamless, trusted CX

How can online merchants and payment service providers design the e-commerce customer journey so it delivers both improved security and a better checkout experience? Network tokenization has emerged as the clear answer.

How super wallets can turn banks into digital stars

To counter disruption from innovative challengers and meet the new demands of customers, traditional banks need to view digital wallets as much more than just places to process payments. By creating compelling “super wallets, they can be present across many more aspects of their customers’ lives.

Mounting a strong defense against cyber attacks

Balancing security and user-friendliness

FF Virtual Arena: Reclaiming The Wallet

Kurt Schmid, Managing Director Digital Banking contributes to a panel discussion on digital wallets, the opportunities they present, how they can help place banks back in focus for customers tempted by new fintech products. Discussion with Alex Gatirigas from G+D and Alex Bowen from HSBC.

Digital payment trends and opportunities

Our own Kurt Schmid, Managing Director Digital Banking comments on upcoming payment trends, including sustainability, super wallets and AI alongside Maude Prévert-Augustin from G+D.

The rise of digital identity wallets: will banks be left behind?

Whitepaper produced by Mobey Forum’s Digital Identity Expert Group, with contribution from Netctera.

Building better lives in Austria

An analysis of the evolution of digital payment in Austria, its challenges and how it can benefit Austrians in their daily lives, with commentary from our own Kurt Schmid, Managing Director Digital Banking. Content only available in German.

Why is 3DS adoption important for merchants?

SumUp and Netcetera: Two European payment powerhouses team up on ACS

Protecting small merchants from fraud

Netcetera ACS is the first worldwide certified with the EMV® 3-D Secure 2.3.1 Protocol

Securing online payments for first-class customer experience

Fintech startup CLOWD9 partners with Netcetera to help combat global payments fraud

Secure and convenient payments at any point of purchase

Mobile wallets. The new criteria for great banking service

Click to Pay- One-click checkout, no log-in, no fuss

With Click to Pay, customers can complete a transaction with just the click of a button. It's a seamless, user-friendly way to accept payments while protecting sensitive card information.

Current trends in digital payment

The area of digital payment is in constant flux, which is why it is important to keep an eye on current trends. Our experts discuss the latest developments and topics in the news.

Strong partners: DKB and Netcetera

Smooth and convenient online payments with Visa Debit

Open Banking in Switzerland

Study on impact, use cases and success factors

Netcetera advances seamless payments with PayTabs

Talking about their generation: Is your app ready for older users?

Zdravko Nikolovski on digitalization

The pace of digital transformation to be intensified in all sectors

Netcetera’s ACS excels by enabling value-added features to its customers

Balancing between security and customer experience

Reliable, secure & up-to-date ACS solution with the latest international payment standards

Cooperation between SHVA and Netcetera will upgrade the security of Israeli online payments

Episode 15 of P19 Payment Podcast

Learn about the insights on payment trends, mobile payments, and how to introduce new payment options on the market.

Six awards at the Best of Swiss Apps 2022

At this year's Best of Swiss Apps event, six projects created in cooperation with Netcetera received awards.

Netcetera, Juniper research 2022 winner

Platinum for the ToPay Mobile Wallet, Gold for Click to Pay

Singapore Fintech Festival 2022

Discussing future drivers for growth

Increased security for the Pacific region in digital payments

Bank South Pacific and Netcetera team up

VNPAY chooses Netcetera to accelerate payment security

An e-commerce payments gateway in Vietnam

Demystifying digital currencies

Crypto - CBDC - Bitcoin - USDC - what are the differences?

Netcetera and Covalent enter new international partnership

Expanding online payments in Middle East & Africa

Payment Perspectives 2022

A stronger focus on customer benefits

Netcetera in full compliance with UnionPay

More business opportunities for issuers and PSPs

Partnership with GBS pay

Netcetera 3DS products secure end-to-end platform

3-D Secure 2.3

Further progress to benefit the cardholders

EML Payments Ltd. chooses Netcetera for new ACS

Ensuring secure online payments across all card networks

LianLian Global and Netcetera team up

Ensuring the security of global online transactions.

Ensuring secure payments in Asia

UseePay partners with Netcetera

3-D Secure and intelligent risk management

Increased revenue through higher approval rates

Honored with four awards

Best of Swiss Apps 2021

Nøelse and Netcetera drive payment security forward

Advancing the digital bank

The payment market in MEA

Insights from our local expert Ramy Fouda

8-digit BIN ready

Customers of our ACS are set for the changing mandate

Netcetera ACS ensuring secure payments with American Express Middle East

Enabling a secure and easy payment process, which has proved popular in the Middle East

Areeba partners with Netcetera to implement the latest 3-D Secure protocol 2.2

Netcetera's latest Middle East success story

Expanding reach of secure payments

Netcetera 3DS ACS is Discover Global Network certified

3-D Secure data access options

Track KPI, improve risk tools & support with less effort

New Mastercard 3DS testing platform for issuers is now LIVE!

Netcetera to enable outstanding and secure customer experience

EPI and the digital euro

Strengthening the European payment industry

European payment perspectives 2022

What to expect from the European payment landscape in 2022? What innovative technologies will shape the payment industry? Learn which digital payment trends to watch out for in 2022.

Real time testing and an instant detailed view of the transaction results

New feature of the Mastercard PSD2 Merchant testing platform

3-D Secure and intelligent risk management

Increased revenue through higher approval rates

Pension digital

Netcetera launches all-round carefree solution for pension funds

3-D Secure data access options

Track KPI, improve risk tools & support with less effort

Make it or buy it? Co-create IT!

Co-creation is an alternative to the classic “make or buy” decision. Instead of choosing an off-the-shelf digital product or awarding contract work, a company brings an experienced partner on board. 

Machine Learning powered risk classification

Machine Learning and more generally Artificial Intelligence are again at the peak of expectations. The availability of large amounts of data and affordable computing power helps spur new research that contributes to the increased interest in this field.

Mobile Business: How companies benefit from mobile apps

Mobile business apps optimize business processes and pick up customers where they spend a lot of time – on the screen of their smartphone. With “mobile business”, companies can tap into new target groups and sources of income. A brilliant idea and the right digitalization partner are often all that is needed.

Better diagnosis with machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) can bring much progress and benefit when properly implemented and applied, including in healthcare. Applications that use AI methods already exist today. 

Artificial intelligence diagnosis

Artificial intelligence (AI) can make a big difference in healthcare. In a major, forward-looking project, Netcetera and Mendel® are demonstrating the advances AI can bring.

No blood spilled

Netcetera serves the Austrian Red Cross with the Mein Blut app

Make it or buy it? Co-create IT!

How you can unlock new potential in digital business

Netcetera and Entersekt implement FIDO authentication standard for PLUSCARD - A first in Europe

Secure unlimited online credit card payments without a mobile device

EMV® 3-D Secure 2.3 – What’s new for the cardholder?

Listen in to our expert roundtable discussion as we share the story of 3DS authentication and focus on details of the newest protocol. 

FIDO and Secure Payment Confirmation

Progress on 3-D Secure to benefit merchants and issuers

Fido and Secure Payment Confirmation: how to improve SCA/3DS process for merchants and issuers?

This webinar explains how to apply existing (web authentication, FIDO) and future (SPC) standards for 3DS based payment authentication to improve conversion rates and security at the same time.

3DS2 rollouts in Asia: why strategy matters

Download the whitepaper to find out more about the effective implementation of new security standards for e-commerce in Asia

The European payments landscape: where we stand and what happens next

There’s a bright future ahead for European payments – but all parties should be prepared for change. Get ready with us, and download the whitepaper here.

Grow Revenue via Increased Transaction Completion Rates & Higher Approvals

VisaNetcetera and Cherri X delved into how banks or card issuers can meet the evolving expectations of cardholders and offer protection against card fraud during online payments.

Digitalisierung im Spital – Wie geht Deutschland das an? Wir blicken für Sie über die Landesgrenze

Benedict Gross, Senior Manager bei PWC, berichtet über aktuelle Entwicklungen und Veränderungen im deutschen Gesundheitsmarkt. Zudem gibt er einen Ausblick, wie Digitalisierung Teil eines Business Cases für Spitäler sein kann.

European Payments Initiative (EPI) Podcast Series in collaboration with G+D – Part 3 (Video)

In this episode we looked back at previous programs similar to EPI and what we could learn from them. 

FF Virtual Arena: The Future of Payments

What is the state of the Payments industry – from the past, present and future?

EPI and digital Euro: Competitive or complementing initiatives?

This webinar presents  basic concepts behind EPI and CBDCs such as the digital euro, compare these and evaluate if these are conflicting or complementing initiatives.

Click to Pay: A new shopping experience with a simple, fast and convenient checkout

In this webinar we will answer some key questions about what Click to Pay is and how it works.

European Payments Initiative (EPI) Podcast Series in collaboration with G+D – Part 2 (Video)

In the second episode of this series, we looked at what EPI might look like from an architectural point of view and how the existing infrastructure coulld be used to build something innovative.

PSD2 SCA being effective – First results, observations and recommendations

PSD2 SCA has come into force in most countries. What is next? We shared the first results and observations in this webinar.

PSD2 is a hot topic for the UK market. How can we tackle it?

We take a look at challenges and solutions for the UK payment ecosystem in complying with PSD2 requirements.

Risk-based authentication

The challenge for online merchants, acquirers, and card issuers is to offer secure and customer-friendly online payments, while meeting all the requirements of local and international payment processes. One possible solution is to implement intelligent end-to-end risk management in real time.

Stop Card-Not-Present Fraud while Complying with PSD2

While in-store purchase volume continues to shift to Card-Not-Present (CNP) channels at an exponential rate, there remains considerable fraud risk associated with CNP payments. To help address this risk, PSD2 requires 3 Domain Secure (3DS) compliance for CNP payments.

Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft – Digitale Transformation mittels Klinik-Cockpit

(German only)

In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie, wie eines der grössten Universitätskrankenhäuser in der Schweiz die Digitalisierung mittels health engine und dem Klink-Cockpit zum Vorteil für den Benutzer macht und dessen Arbeitsalltag vereinfacht.

Value Added Service around payments

The payment process can be made more attractive for consumers by offering services that bring extra value. In this webinar we will give an overview of such Value Added Services (VAS); explain how issuers, merchants and other providers can offer up-selling and further consumer benefits around payments; show best practice examples of VAS implementations around payments.

European payment initiatives

The European payment landscape is highly fragmented. Besides the international networks of Mastercard and Visa, there are numerous national payment systems, such as girocard or Carte Bancaire. Kurt Schmid from Netcetera and Dr. Carsten Wengel from Giesecke+Devrient provide an overview and the challenges the European Payment Initiative has to overcome.

European Payment Initiatives

This webinar gives insights on the various bodies and initiatives, explores options that are less dependent on payment systems that are abroad, and indicates what a European Payment Scheme could look like.

PSD2 reality check

One thing is certain: from 1 January 2021, every online merchant will have to use strong customer authentication for card payments. Not all online merchants are sufficiently prepared for this.

APIs in Payment and Banking: Is Open Banking an Opportunity or a Risk?

This webinar explains the existing standards for open banking, where it is used today, its risks and  the opportunities it creates for the future.

Covid-19 Boosting Innovations in Payments-21

Covid-19 will push innovation in payments in 2021. What are the upcoming technologies to increase conversion rates and ensure better user experience in payments?

PSD2-SCA final countdown: are you ready?

PSD2 SCA goes live in early 2021. Shortly before the deadline, we once again turned our attention to this topic. Our experts gave all the players in the ecosystem an overview of the most important cornerstones and answered questions.

Technology blueprint for the financial world

Opening the banking system and creating a peer-to-peer structure: distributed ledger technology (DLT) may disrupt and replace the hierarchical structures in the world of financial transactions.

Increase conversion in e-commerce with the latest EMV 3-D Secure protocol

A conversion rate as high as possible is one of the most important success factors in e-commerce. Everyone involved benefits from this: merchants and banks generate higher sales.

Netcetera 3DS SDK video

Secure digital payment on mobile devices with the Netcetera 3DS SDK solution. Profit from better risk scoring, frictionless flow, better user experience & reduced abandonment rates.

Skills are the new currency (German only)

Die Skills der Mitarbeitenden haben sich zur wichtigsten Währung entwickelt und Unternehmen stehen vor der Herausforderung des Re- and Upskilling. In diesem Webinar stellen wir Ihnen skillPORT vor - die Lösung zur systemischen Erfassung und Konsolidierung von Skills. 

Berliner Zeitung publishes with Swiss software

Converting digital processes and technology in six weeks. It is all happening in a flash: the new owners of the Berliner publishing house have decided to radically modernize their editorial office.

The pandemic as a catalyst for digital payments

Six months of the Corona crisis have changed the way we pay. We have assessed the impact of the pandemic on the payment sector and made an initial analysis.

From closed property funds to open digital assets

Crypto Assets / Digital Assets can open up the world of real estate financing for private investors based on blockchain protocols. This enables attractive participation in real estate with secure token offerings.

How to monetize distributed ledger technologies (DLT) based asset tokens as issuer?

This webinar in Q&A format explains the upcoming use-cases of digital assets tokenization like shares, real estate or investment funds. 

Digitalization of transactions with Asset Tokens

Asset tokens based on "distributed ledger technologies" (DLT) can make the business of banks and asset managers more innovative (alternative investment funds) - also in competition with FinTechs and "crypto" banks.

The power of secure digital payments. The road to boost conversion rates.

At this joint webinar with Seamless Middle East we explored how global changes and challenges, such as the COVID pandemic, had highlighted the need for more robust payment systems and solutions to cater for the fast-growing e-commerce world.

Why blockchain disrupts all industries

Blockchain is disrupting all industries, since it is a general purpose technology. Elena Karafiloski presents use cases in health & education.

Panel discussion - Navigating risk & security

Investigating opportunities to innovate on authentication and fraud prevention. Panel discussion during MPE (Merchant Payments ecosytem) Summer week with Kurt Schmid, Petra Silsbee (Pluscard), Ognjen Vlacina (IKEA) Walter Beisheim (NokNok)

Balancing security and convenience in e-commerce transactions

Learn how INFORM and Netcetera are bringing merchants, acquirers, and card issuers up to speed with the latest developments in the payment ecosystem.

Increase the online conversion rate with EMV® 3-D Secure Technology

Watch this webinar to discover how PSPs, acquirers and merchants in South East Asia benefit from EMV® 3-D Secure technology!

Are you PSD2 ready? Get deep insights into PSD2 legislation and exemptions

Watch this free webinar to find out how to be PSD2 compliant while improving customers’ shopping experience!

3-D Secure 2.2 brings important progress: Easier, more convenient and safer payment in e-commerce

Paying with credit cards in e-commerce should be just as easy, convenient and secure for customers and merchants as at a checkout in the store.

How to bring mobile payments to the POS

This webinar explains what an issuer needs to support mobile POS payments, including the background of tokenization using MDES and VTS, as well as green path provisioning for OEM Pays.

Public transport ticket on the bank card

Fast, easy, cashless: Public transport tickets can be directly assigned to one's own bank card, as a current pilot project shows. Partners Netcetera, Abrantix, Baselland Transport, Transports Publics Fribourgeois and Worldline are reshuffling the market with the next generation of user-friendly and sustainable public transport tickets.

Interactive passenger information system

Information for public transport passengers at stops is breaking new ground. Since the beginning of May, SOB has been using an information system that can be adapted to the needs of passengers. 

Make it or buy it? Co-create IT!

Co-creation is an alternative to the classic “make or buy” decision. Instead of choosing an off-the-shelf digital product or awarding contract work, a company brings an experienced partner on board. 

Path Coordination System for RailNetEurope

Improved trans-European rail scheduling. Netcetera, leading Swiss software company and global IT solutions innovator, has implemented the new Path Coordination System (PCS) for RailNetEurope (RNE). 

Secure Remote Commerce: A game changer for guest checkouts?

This webinar explains the details and concepts of SRC, how to integrate it in web shops, and the benefits it brings to merchants, PSPs, and acquirers.

Click to Pay - simplify checkout with EMV® Secure Remote Commerce

A key task for online merchants is to make checkout as simple and convenient as possible for their customers. EMV® Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) and Network Tokenization create new possibilities and opportunities for this.

SRC and Network Tokenization as upcoming technologies to improve the checkout experience

This webinar outlines new technologies and what opportunities they bring to merchants, PSPs and acquirers.

How to increase conversion of 3DS transactions – even with PSD2 becoming effective

This webinar shows how to increase the performance of the 3DS solution, with the ultimate goal to increase conversion and the cardholders’ satisfaction, while preventing fraud and staying compliant with regulations.

The battle for conversational interfaces

Conversational interfaces are sometimes very useful, but the acoustic language is not always the best option. We may overestimate the acoustic language without realizing that we often communicate better and more efficiently by other means.

Best practice for customer interfaces in payment & banking

Creating customer-friendly issuer apps & wallets - Currently, apps for mobile banking and payment are the most important way for banks to stay in touch with their customers.

Best practice for issuer apps & wallets

This webinar presents the best practice example and the UX design of functions to meet new requirements of consumers that want to be in control.

Mobile payment from a bank’s perspective

Your own app or Apple Pay and Google Pay? Mobile banking apps are currently the most important channel for banks to stay in touch with their customers. However, customers expect more functionalities from such apps than just account balance inquiries and transfer options.

PSD2 Acquirer Exemptions: Leveraging opportunities for better customer friendliness

The European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requests Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for online payment transactions. However, there is a catalogue of exemptions to this rule.

PSD2 SCA: What is new in 3DS 2.2 & how to implement a seamless experience in merchants apps

This webinar shows why it was necessary to launch 3-D Secure versions 2.1. and 2.2. protocal in a relatively short time.

Reasons for 3-D Secure 2.2: Frictionless payment in merchant apps

For more than 20 years, the 3-D Secure protocol has been providing more security in e-commerce. Versions 2.1 and 2.2 have been launched in a relatively short time after each other. Why was this necessary and what perspectives result from it?

Scheme tokenization services

The fraud rate for Card Not Present (CNP) payments is up to 10 times higher than for Card Present (CP) payments. Scheme tokenization raises the security level of online payments and with it, contributes to a better conversion rate.

Network Tokenization for merchants and PSPs: Benefits and opportunities

Watch the recording to learn how network tokenization increases in e-commernce conversion.

Tokenization: Opportunities for online retailers and PSPs

Tokenization is a simple process. The number of a credit card is replaced by another number, a so-called token. A token has a whole range of advantages.

Covid-19 and the impact on the future of payments

Watch the recording to learn about the potential implications of the Corona pandemics for the payment and banking sector.

Online-Shopping: Easy & secure payment

When consumers pay online, they prefer to use familiar payment methods. Our payment experts explain the challenges of card payments in e-commerce for card issuers and for online merchants, and the latest solutions.

Machine Learning powered risk classification to detect waste, abuse and fraud in health insurance claims

 The availability of large amounts of data and affordable computing power helps spur new research that contributes to the increased interest in this field.

Real estate valuation platform for Wüest & Partner

We developed Wüest Dimensions for the consulting firm Wüest & Partner, a pioneering platform for independent real estate valuations.

Solving disruptions in networks with Machine Learning

How can trains learn to coordinate automatically causing minimal delays in large train networks? We choose Reinforcement Learning, a sub-domain of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to solve this challenge in the “Flatland” competition by SBB. 

Order entry in University Hospital Basel

Success factors for more efficiency in clinical processes: The order entry process will be optimized, digitized and thus more economical.

Digital identity on n-blocks: New economy of digital identity

The capacity to prove your identity is a fundamental component of the economic, financial and social development. Even though identity seems to be a national concern, a global identity controlled by government authority is not a plausible option in the short term. 

Mobile work at the University Hospital Basel

At the University Hospital Basel, doctors are no longer tied to a workstation to view patient data and enter orders, e.g. for radiological examinations. The modules "Dashboard", "Patient Archive Viewer" and "Order Entry" from the Healthcare Ecosystem, are now optimized for the use on mobile devices.

Hirslanden integration of electronic document exchange

Together with the Hirslanden Group, Netcetera, the i-engineers and Visionary are implementing a solution that links together all Hirslanden clinics, inpatient doctors and referring physicians of the Group. 

Five reasons to update to EMV® 3DS 2.2.0 to boost approved transaction volumes

Cardholders’ demand for a better payment experience and improved security drives the market forward. With the PSD2 updates  different SCA exemptions were introduced. 

Mobile Payment from a bank’s perspective

Mobile banking apps are currently the most important channel for banks to stay in touch with their customers. However, customers expect more functionalities from such apps than just account balance inquiries and transfer options. From the customer's point of view, for example, features for controlling payments, card management or mobile payment are particularly interesting.

Co-creating the future of our cities

Continuing our efforts into the Internet of Things (IoT) world, we have scaled up SkopjePulse to the next level and introduced a new crowdsourcing platform under the name

Visits app in Digital Real Estate Top 3

Visiting and inspecting a building is now more efficient, the process has been completely digitalized, and thanks to open interfaces, it is also fully integrated with our partners’ and third-party suppliers’ systems.

A revival of a venerable ship - thanks to "mixed reality"

The Swiss Museum of Transport breathes new life into the venerable "PS Rigi" in a pilot project

New Timetabling Software for Swiss Railway

Netcetera, together with Ergon and NOSE, is developing the "NeTS" software system for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). SBB will use the system to plan its nationwide passenger and freight traffic from 2010 onwards. The pilot phase of one of the largest Eclipse RCP projects in Switzerland will run until June 2008. NeTS represents a highly successful collaboration between all the parties.

Game changer HoloLens

Augmented reality has been in the news recently thanks to Pokemon Go. HoloLens goes a few pioneering steps further, thanks to environment recognition: it visualizes virtual worlds within real space. The device is still only accessible to a very limited few, but it gives a strong indication of what the future of augmented reality, or mixed reality, will look like in a year or two

In-house public transport ticketing

On behalf of F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG we developed the public transport ticket system "Roche Mobility". The solution is free of charge for their employees and replaces the company's own bus service. Employees can now obtain a digital public transport ticket on their intranet in the Mobility Web Shop.

Cross-border tickets with TNW Tickets App

Thanks to Wemlin Tickets for TNW: simply buy an international ticket with the app on your smartphone. The TNW Tickets App for BLT developed by us now offers joint tickets between Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach (RVL) and Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz (TNW).

ESISplus: Groundbreaking central information platform for ewz

In the event of power outage all responsible employees receive all the information immediately and can rapidly respond.

Bühler CUBIC Innovation Campus visualized using augmented reality

We have visualized the CUBIC Innovation Campus of Bühler using augmented reality and PTC Vuforia Studio. In cooperation with the apprentices, we provided coaching and support in the implementation and thus enabled the Bühler apprentices to complete the project independently.

Value-added services: Enhancing payment processes for customers

The business case for processing payments has come under severe pressure. As a result, providers face the challenge of processing as many transactions as possible to increase their revenues and achieve economies of scale on the cost side.

From Authentication to Authorization – Creating a payment ecosystem built on trust

In this webinar, issuers, acquirers, and merchants will learn how the perfect trifecta of fraud prevention, optimized conversion rates, and compliance to local payment regulations can be achieved through the application of smart systems.  

Open interfaces

The European Payment Services Directive obliges banks to open their interfaces and thus make data accessible to third parties. However, this open banking is not only about meeting the requirements of regulation. Because an intelligent use of data also enables new business models. What risks and what opportunities are associated with Open Banking?

Checkout: Seamless and frictionless

The two most important buzzwords this year are "seamless" and "frictionless". If a merchant wants to survive in the tough competition of e-commerce in the long term, it must offer its customers the smoothest possible purchasing and payment processes

European Payment Initiatives

This webinar gives insights on the various bodies and initiatives, explores options that are less dependent on payment systems that are abroad, and indicates what a European Payment Scheme could look like.

What can e-wallets do for you?

A closer look at wallet payment in Europe

Click to Pay

Simple, fast, and convenient checkout

Strong customer authentication

Initial results, observations, and recommendations

Ensuring security in Augmented Reality

AR as an increasingly vital technology post-pandemic

The digital hospital: digital transformation succeeds with the Klinik-Cockpit

The modern hospital navigates into the digital future with a powerful health engine and centralized clinic cockpit.

European Payments Initiative (EPI) Podcast Series in collaboration with G+D – Part 1 (Video)

What is EPI exactly? Does it make sense to create a European card scheme, when the Digital Euro is coming anyway? Do we give up control over everyday payments in Europe to global players & BigTech?

Increase conversion rates by providing a frictionless checkout experience

The panelists from MYER, Visa, G+D and Netcetera candidly assess the present challenges and future vision of the online checkout - emerging tech and trends - and how to succeed in a frictionless user experience to boost conversion.

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Make it or buy it? Co-create IT!

Co-creation is an alternative to the classic “make or buy” decision. Instead of choosing an off-the-shelf digital product or awarding contract work, a company brings an experienced partner on board. 

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