3-D Secure data access options

Track KPI, improve risk tools & support with less effort

Our 3-D Secure Issuer Service offers multiple ways to share data with you. Do you need to track and analyze your KPIs? Do you need to improve the accuracy of your risk tools? Or do you need data for troubleshooting and cardholder support? Offering easy access to all needed data, we can serve all your use cases. With the different ways to share the data, you are able to minimize your effort to adapt it to your internal systems.

Data from our ACS can help issuers and banks, for example, to improve the accuracy of their risk tools or to better support cardholders. We offer multiple ways to give you access to data from our 3DS Issuer Service. Depending on the use case and the purpose, you can choose to use any of the following four options to obtain your data from our ACS.

You have your own BI tools and reporting engines

Would you like the 3DS data processed by our Issuer Service to complement the existing setup? Use our Data Export Service. This service allows customers of the Netcetera 3DS Issuer Service to get access to data file exports from the Netcetera ACS. The files are exported daily and transferred via SFTP in .csv, .xml or xslx format. The exported files contain:

  • Card data: the actions on card level, the card status, the application that triggered a change
  • Registrations: including details like registration type, status and full log of the registration process
  • Transactions: details on protocol version, scheme, status, authentication method, exemption data, as well as the log from the authentication process

You want to improve cardholder support or troubleshooting

Netcetera ACS customers use their own applications. To feed these applications and tools with 3DS data, we offer the Get Transaction Web Service that provides the possibilities to query transaction history per card or transaction details for any transaction. This information is then displayed in the applications that their employees are using in operations or call centers. In case customers do not use an additional application for cardholder support, all this data is also available in the Admin UI portal. The big benefit: they have all the necessary data at a glance to support cardholders and do not need to switch between applications anymore.

You want to enhance fraud prevention during the authorization process – real time use

You can use our Transaction Notification Web Service that transmits transaction and merchant details in near-real time, so card issuers can make immediate use of better data to improve the accuracy of their authorizations. For instance, card issuers can immediately see if transaction details diverge between the authentication and authorization steps. The extra data reduces false declines and their associated business cost while making card issuers more alert to discrepancies and possible fraud.

You need fast access and analysis

We offer ready to use reports and dashboards. Netcetera ACS customers can access these reports and dashboards via the Admin UI portal. The list of reports and dashboards include:

  • Transactions data report, used, for example, for immediate analys after configuration changes of the service
  • Transactions statistic report: calculate statistics for transactions in a selected time range, such as the total amount of transactions per end state, per end state reason to statistics, per challenge method, as well as other parameters
  • List of card registrations that can be used to track the success of registration campaigns
  • Registration statistics: calculate statistics for registrations in a selected time range, such as the total amount of registartionsper end state or per other parameters

3DS data from the tool that fits your setup best

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Biljana Kuzeska Ivanoska

Senior Product Manager Secure Digital Payments

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