3DS authentication data at a glance

Facilitate support and operations for better customer service

Are your call center agents still switching between application to find the required data to help your cardholders? With our Get Transaction Web Service, this is a thing of the past. Import the 3DS authentication data from the Netcetera ACS directly into the application you are using to better serve your customers and to improve your efficiency.

The Get Transaction Web Service (GTW) allows customers of the Netcetera 3DS Issuer Service to access valuable information about a certain card or transaction. This information is then displayed in the applications that their employees are using in operations or call centers. The big benefit: they have all the necessary data at a glance to support cardholders and do not need to switch between applications anymore.

“This new feature was built based on our customers’ requirements. We are conducting regular surveys to further develop our products according to their needs,” says Biljana Kuzeska Ivanoska, Senior Product Manager Secure Digital Payments at Netcetera.

The new Netcetera ACS feature GTW Service offers the following functionalities:

  • 3DS transaction history for a certain card: This enables our customers to provide the needed support for their cardholders. The history of transactions can be filtered according to start date, end date, and maximum number of transactions to get a clearer overview.
  • Authentication details for a certain transaction: This provides them with specific and detailed information needed to further analyze the transaction. The service contains the purchase data, the protocol that was used, the transaction status and reason, and the result of the risk assessment. Information about applied exemptions or possible challenge actions is also available for analysis.

Want to know more about this feature? Contact our expert:

Biljana Kuzeska Ivanoska

Senior Product Manager Secure Digital Payments

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