Digitizing the healthcare industry

Less cost and paper, better care

Networked, automated, secure, and future-oriented: with our highly reliable, secure IT solutions, you can master the challenges of healthcare. We are your partner for digitalization across the entire healthcare ecosystem – for seamless and paperless business processes.

Care providers

Digital business processes for a smooth workflow


More efficient processes and seamless integration


25 years of digitalization experience and industry expertise

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Digital Identity

Your one-stop shop for identity management

Our product Netcetera Identity enables the digital relationship and contact points of healthcare providers and insurers with their customers and employees – for secure and convenient login and registration on all systems.

Digital Document Processing

An intelligent solution for extracting data from documents that supports the automation of business processes and the digitalization of companies in all industries. Using machine learning, it extracts and organizes relevant information from complex content in any document format and structures it for further processing – for example, from invoice documents, customer letters, or medication lists.


Security as a fundamental feature of our solutions has been an integral part of all our developments from the very beginning. Our highly secure environment guarantees that you need not worry about the safety of your data.


Only in combination with excellent and intuitive user-friendliness the best solution emerges. This leads to rapid acceptance by the target group and, thus, faster realization of the digitalization benefits.


With apps to more efficiency, innovation, and satisfaction: Business apps can improve work processes, open new business areas and target groups, and promote digital transformation. Our software works on all devices, be it PC, tablet, or smartphone, and integrates seamlessly with surrounding systems and databases. This allows you to access all information from anywhere.

“Information in documents is often very distributed but also very important for treatment or research. I believe AI can help here.”

Markus Dietrich, Portfolio Owner Connected Health

“Various measures help your security officers sleep well. I will introduce three of them.”

Markus Dietrich, Portfolio Owner Connected Health

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