health engine

Orchestrate your hospital’s processes

health engine

With our «health engine» you manage all aspects of your hospital’s day-today operations, from admission to electronic billing. It combines all the medical and administrative processes and stakeholders into a unified information system and thus enables the orderly and optimized orchestration or your organization.

Almost all the stakeholders involved (personnel and institutions) in the healthcare industry are utilizing information and communications technologies. The medical, nursing and administrative data of a case are usually collected, processed, and filed in different systems, using individual processes. Differing applications, formats and data media complicate the controlled and secure access to relevant data. Laborious and error-prone processes are used in the exchange of data between stakeholders, even within the same clinic.

With our «health engine» solution, developed together with the company the i-engineers, the stakeholders’ individual processes can be orchestrated into a comprehensive whole. For the medical field, this means that all relevant data are available in the desired formats, at any time. The administration can always obtain a current and comprehensive overview of services rendered. This implements the electronic patient record according to the guidelines of IHE.

Connecting the processes and stakeholders

Our «health engine» manages all aspects of the hospitals day-today operations, from admission to electronic billing, and thus enables the orderly, optimized and focused organization – the orchestration. «health engine» combines the medical and administrative areas into a unified information system. It stabilizes the entire organizational structure with the use of information management, structure and process management, communication, and system integration.

All processes in one single system

  • Universal patient record
  • Link-up of various formats to the patient record
  • Automated workflows
  • Ensure the quality of services
  • Cost control and transparency
  • Legal compliance


In collaboration with your project team, the expertise and experience of the i-engineers and Netcetera facilitates a swift identification of the processes within your hospital. The processes are then visualized as needed in the «health engine», and the required interfaces determined (scanning, ERP, PACS, Office, etc.). Allowance for reorganizations is built into the system, and «health engine» processes them quickly and flexibly, at any time.

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